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The APPLE 1 Computer

A vintage computer.


I bought my Apple 1 or as later named the Apple-I computer back in August 1977 and I still have my original Bill of Sale and Money Order Receipt for it. The board was selling for $666.66 retail at the time.
What I am going to do here is have subjects which will be links to that subject. When another Apple 1 site is done, it will be bigger and better than any other Apple 1 site that you have seen including this one. The other Apple 1 site is up, located at http://www.applefritter.com/.

The Beginning: This is a series of pictures showing all the components needed to get the main board up and running and how it was spread out on my desk.

The Beginning

The Apple 1 computer in its new home.


Manuals: There was three sets of manuals. Apple 1 Cassette manual, white cover. Apple 1 Operation manual, white cover. Apple-I Operation manual, tan cover. Notice, the first cover said Apple 1 and the second one Apple-I. A preliminary Apple Basic users manual, dated October 1976, Green cover. The second Preliminary Apple Basic User's manual, tan cover.
I would like to hear from anyone who knows of any other manuals or varieties or anyone else who has all five of these manuals.


Cassette Tapes: I have included some pictures of the tape cassettes's and the programs on them. All original and from Apple Company.

Cassette Tapes

Would like to hear from anyone who has bought or seen prices on Apple 1 manuals or would like to buy some.

Apple 1 Manuals

Epilogue: Total cost of the system and other information including an email to me.



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