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See at under stamps. Auction is on Feb 21, 2009.

RARE 1978 Capex cover and set, total of 9 covers.

Here is the number of covers made for each cover.

 H101    Capex 78 set, all the stamps on one cover.  157 made.
 H101A  Cardinal, 137 made.
 H101B  BlueJay,  99 made.
 H102C  Mallard,  85 made.
 H102D  Goose,   86 made.
 H101E  Moose,  90 made.
 H102F  Chipmunk, 61made.
 H101G  Raccoon,  121 made.
 H102H  Fox,  73 made.

For sale at auction: under stamps. Price has been reduced.

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